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Events will be 2 full days (Tuesday & Wednesday) and a half-day (Thursday), in each location. 

-  August 6–8 in Colorado Springs, Colorado

-  August 13–15 in Woodbridge, New Jersey

How to Register:

  1. Select the hyperlinked workshop location(s) for more information and/or to register. 

  2. Email if you have questions.


If you can’t travel in-person, join us for any of these virtual options:

Tuesday, July 23 – “Working Together: Medicare & Social Security”

Description: This workshop will explain retirement, disability, survivors, and supplemental security income benefits; how these benefits can affect Medicare and who’s eligible for Medicare coverage; how and when you can enroll; and Medicare Part A and Part B services and costs. 

Wednesday, July 24 – “Understanding your Medicare Health Plan Options”

Description: This workshop will explain Medicare health plan options other than Original Medicare with a primary focus on Medicare Advantage (sometimes called Medicare Part C).

Thursday, July 25 – “Medicare & Other Insurance—Who Pays When?” 

Description: This workshop will explain different payers’ responsibilities when people have both Medicare and certain other types of health and/or prescription drug coverage, sometimes referred to as coordination of benefits.

Tuesday, July 30 – “CMS Programs—Current Topics”

Description: This workshop will explain some of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS’) current topics, priorities, initiatives, and recent programmatic updates.

Wednesday, July 31 – “Using Plan Finder to Find the Medicare Coverage that’s Right for You”

Description: This workshop will demonstrate how to shop and compare Medicare plan options using Plan Finder on 

Thursday, August 1 – “Helping with Original Medicare Costs: Medigap

Description: This workshop will discuss how Medicare Supplement Insurance policies (also known as Medigap) work with Medicare, what Medigap policies cover, how they’re structured, and when to buy a Medigap policy.

Webinars will start at 1 p.m. and conclude no later than 3:30 p.m. (ET).

How to Register:

Select the hyperlinked event title(s) to register for each virtual workshop you’re interested in attending. 

1.   Select the hyperlinked event title(s) to register for each virtual workshop you’re interested in attending. 

2.   You’ll be prompted to log into the NTP webpage. 

        -   To log in, use the same email address and password you use to register for all NTP webinars. 

        -   If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one before registering. 

3.   After you register, you’ll get an email confirmation and calendar appointment. 

4.   Email if you need help with your account.


NOTE: For in-person events, registration requests will be considered until each session reaches capacity. The number of attendees from the same organization may be limited. 

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