Training Modules (PowerPoints)

  • Module 00 - Medicare – Getting Started

    Provides a basic overview of the Medicare Program—Part A, Part B, Medigap Policies, Part C, Part D, the Federally-facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace, and Medicaid.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 02 - Medicare Rights and Protections

    Explains the rights and protections afforded to someone enrolled in Original Medicare, a Medicare Advantage Plan, another Medicare health plan, or a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 03 – Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) Policies

    Provides insight on how Medigap policies work with Medicare, what the policies cover and how they are structured, and when to buy a Medigap policy.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 05 - Coordination of Benefits

    Explains the rules that govern the payers‘ responsibility when people have Medicare and certain other types of health and/or prescription drug coverage.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 06 - Medicare for People with End-Stage Renal Disease

    Explains the Medicare Program for people with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), like eligibility and enrollment, coverage, and health plan options. Also provides additional sources of information.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 07 - Medicare Preventive Services

    Explains Medicare-covered preventive services, why these services are important, and who is eligible.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 08 - CMS Program Resources

    Highlights the programs and resources administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 09 - Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

    Provides basic information about Medicare prescription drug coverage, benefits and costs, eligibility and enrollment, extra help, comparing and choosing plans, and coverage determinations and appeals.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 10 - Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Prevention

    Explains Medicare and Medicaid fraud, waste, and abuse prevention, detection, reporting, and recovery.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 11 - Medicare Advantage Plans

    Provides a comprehensive overview of Medicare Advantage Plans. It also includes a detailed lesson on marketing guidelines and the ways health plans may or may not market their plans.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 12 - Medicaid & the Children’s Health Insurance Program

    Provides an overview of Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program's (CHIP), eligibility, benefits, and administration. Also includes state help information for Medicare-Medicaid enrollees.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 13 - Medicare and Other Programs for People With Disabilities

    Provides an overview of eligibility and enrollment for Social Security programs and Medicare; and summarizes and explains options for people with disabilities and/or limited income and resources.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • 2018 Medicare Open Enrollment Presentations

    This toolkit includes PowerPoint presentations and related materials to help those who assist people with Medicare make informed decisions about their 2019 health care coverage.



  • This video shows you how to navigate the CMS National Training Program's (NTP) new website. It will show you how to locate program-related training sessions and resources on topics such as Medicare and Medicaid, and walks you through the steps of enrolling in and taking a course.