Training Materials

  • Module 00 - Medicare – Getting Started

    Provides a basic overview of the Medicare Program—Part A, Part B, Medigap Policies, Part C, Part D, the Federally-facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace, and Medicaid.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 01 - Understanding Medicare

    Provides a detailed overview of the Medicare Program, including coverage and costs, coverage choices, appeals, enrollment, coordination of benefits, and how to fight fraud, waste, and abuse.

    Language: English

  • Module 02 - Medicare Rights and Protections

    Explains the rights and protections afforded to someone enrolled in Original Medicare, a Medicare Advantage Plan, another Medicare health plan, or a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

    Language: English

  • Module 03 – Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) Policies

    Provides insight on how Medigap policies work with Medicare, what the policies cover and how they are structured, and when to buy a Medigap policy.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 05 - Coordination of Benefits

    Explains the rules that govern the payers‘ responsibility when people have Medicare and certain other types of health and/or prescription drug coverage.

    Language: English

  • Module 06 - Medicare for People with End-Stage Renal Disease

    Explains the Medicare Program for people with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), like eligibility and enrollment, coverage, and health plan options. Also provides additional sources of information.

    Language: English

  • Module 07 - Medicare Preventive Services

    Explains Medicare-covered preventive services, why these services are important, and who is eligible.

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 08 - CMS Program Resources

    Highlights the programs and resources administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

    Language: English & Spanish

  • Module 09 - Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

    Provides basic information about Medicare prescription drug coverage, benefits and costs, eligibility and enrollment, extra help, comparing and choosing plans, and coverage determinations and appeals.

    Language: English

  • Module 10 - Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Prevention

    Explains Medicare and Medicaid fraud, waste, and abuse prevention, detection, reporting, and recovery.

    Language: English

  • Module 11 - Medicare Advantage Plans

    Provides a comprehensive overview of Medicare Advantage Plans. It also includes a detailed lesson on marketing guidelines and the ways health plans may or may not market their plans.

    Language: English

  • Module 12 - Medicaid & the Children’s Health Insurance Program

    Provides an overview of Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program's (CHIP), eligibility, benefits, and administration. Also includes state help information for Medicare-Medicaid enrollees.

    Language: English

  • Module 13 - Medicare and Other Programs for People With Disabilities

    Provides an overview of eligibility and enrollment for Social Security programs and Medicare; and summarizes and explains options for people with disabilities and/or limited income and resources.

    Language: English

  • Medicare Open Enrollment Toolkit

    This toolkit includes PowerPoint presentations and related materials to help prepare for Medicare Open Enrollment.

  • Medicare Plan Finder Toolkit

    This toolkit includes PowerPoint presentations and related materials to help navigate the Medicare Plan Finder.


  • Tax-Favored Programs and Medicare Health Care Costs
    Explains the various programs designed to give individuals tax advantages to offset health care costs, and how these programs impact people with Medicare.
  • Navigating the Medicare Plan Finder
    Provides step-by-step instructions for using the web tool that lets you view, compare, and enroll in the Medicare health and drug plans in your area.
  • Medicare Plan Finder Worksheet
    Worksheet to gather information needed to complete a personalized search using the Medicare Plan Finder to find a Medicare health and/or drug plan that meets your needs.
  • Job Aid: 2018 Medicare Amounts
    Summarizes the 2018 Medicare cost amounts for Part A (Hospital Insurance), Part B (Medical Insurance), and Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage).
  • Job Aid: 2018 Medicare Amounts (in other languages)
    Summarizes the 2018 Medicare cost amounts for Part A (Hospital Insurance), Part B (Medical Insurance), and Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage).
  • Job Aid: Medicare Drug Coverage Under Parts A, B, and D
    A table identifying Medicare coverage of medically-necessary prescription drugs under Parts A, B, and D.
  • Job Aid: Frequently Used Medicare Acronyms
    An alphabetical listing of Medicare acronyms used in the National Training Program training materials.
  • Job Aid: Web Resources
    Tips for resources that are found on CMS’s and other government websites.
  • Job Aid: New Medicare Card
    Shows a sample of the new Medicare card.
  • Job Aid: 2018 Medicare Savings Program (MSP)
    An overview of Medicare Savings Programs (MSP). Includes monthly income limits and the Medicare costs covered.
  • Job Aid: 2018 Comparison of the Parts A, B, C, and D Appeals Processes
    Compares the 2018 appeals process for Medicare Parts A, B, C and D, including the levels of appeal with corresponding timeframes. Language: English & Spanish.
  • Job Aid: CMS National Training Program—About Us
    Explains each of the CMS National Training Program (NTP) resources, training events, and courses on available for partners, stakeholders, not-for-profit professionals, and volunteers who counsel people with Medicare.
  • Job Aid: 2017/2018 Standard Drug Benefit
    The 2017-2018 Medicare standard drug benefit amounts, including benefit parameters and Extra Help co-payments.
  • Learning Activities Overview
    Summarizes interactive activities that may be used during Medicare training.
  • Learning Activity: Medicare Puzzles
    Includes a series of Medicare brainteaser puzzles that may be used during training.
  • Learning Activity: Medicare Alphabet Soup
    An interactive activity that can be used during Medicare training. Participant sheet and answer sheet included.
  • Learning Activity: Medicare Board Game
    An interactive game that can be used to review Medicare information during training. Leader guide, game board, and question cards available for download.
  • Medicare Open Enrollment for 2018 Coverage (Bootcamp)
    Explains Medicare Open Enrollment communication tactics. Reviews key dates and how to compare and enroll in Medicare health and drug plans.
  • Medicare Open Enrollment Period: Review, Compare, Enroll (Dec 2017)
    Reviews Medicare coverage choices, Medicare Part A and Part B costs, Medicare Advantage Plan and Medicare Prescription Drug Pplan snapshots (landscape data), key dates, how to compare and join Medicare plans, join a new plan and provides helpful resource.
  • Medicare Open Enrollment: Tips for Successful Open Enrollment Events
    Provides an overview of tips and tricks including that may help with hiring help, advertising, and and Open Enrollment event ideasplanning for Medicare open enrollment from the Ohio Department of Insurance.
  • Medicare Open Enrollment: Which Door for Health Insurance
    A job aid to help consumers understand the types of coverage available and the qualifications.
  • Medicare Open Enrollment: 1800Medicare
    Explains 1-800-MEDICARE’s call center, alternate channels for reaching the call center, and general tips to remember for open enrollment.
  • Medicare Plan Finder Updates (Oct 2017)
    Explains the updates made to the Medicare Plan Finder web tool that helps consumers compare Medicare health and drug plans.
  • NTP Medicare Fraud Prevention
    Explains Medicare’s “Guard Your Card” campaign to help prevent and fight fraud.


  • This video shows you how to navigate the CMS National Training Program's (NTP) new website. It will show you how to locate program-related training sessions and resources on topics such as Medicare and Medicaid, and walks you through the steps of enrolling in and taking a course.
  • There are 5 Medicare Plan Finder lessons that provide a step by step overview on how to complete a plan search, compare plans, and enroll in one that best meets your needs. Lesson 1 (of 5) covers the importance of having certain information at hand before you begin a plan search, and things to consider.
  • Lesson 2 of 5 in the Medicare Plan Finder Lesson Series, this lesson will demonstrate how to enter your drugs to create a personalized drug list on the Medicare Plan Finder.
  • Lesson 3 of 5 in the Medicare Plan Finder Lesson Series, this lesson will cover how to select up to two pharmacies and demonstrate helpful features to expand your search or look for a pharmacy by name.
  • Lesson 4 of 5 in the Medicare Plan Finder Series, this lesson will show you how to use filters to narrow your search results and sort your plan results.
  • Lesson 5 of 5 in the Medicare Plan Finder Lesson Series, this lesson will cover how to compare plan benefits, drug costs, coverage, and plan ratings.